Year of the shoat

geeep or shoatOr is that a geep?

Whichever it is there is a problem.

Because if this is the Chinese tear of the sheep, or year of the goat, or year of the ram … the problem in English is that these are all translations of one Chinese word.

So how do the Chinese deal with that part of Matthew’s Gospel that deals with the sheep and goats, because if it is one word it goes something like this.

“Now when the Human One comes in his majesty and all his angels are with him, he will sit on his majestic throne. All the nations will be gathered in front of him. He will separate them from each other, just as a shepherd separates the sheep from the sheep. He will put the sheep on his right side. But the sheep he will put on his left.


Or it would be if the Chinese didn’t use mountain sheep for goat.

40 blogs of Lent day 13

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