Jesus is better than Moses, ner, ner, ner.

This is not the tone of the next section of Hebrews, We are moving in to a long, long section of the book which deals with Jesus being greater than the Jewish Law given by Moses, so first he deals wit the one who brought the law, Moses himself. The writer likes Moses, and says that that Jesus was faithful to God in the same way that Moses was faithful. But Jesus was faithful as a son rather than as a servant.

It’s then back to the turning away. The two threads of Jesus is greater than whoever and do not turn  away run together through Hebrews. Remember this was written to former Jews who were looking back at their old religion because as Christians they were being persecuted. So how do you stop them turning back to Judaism?

First he likens those turning back to those who rebelled against Moses. ‘You are not turning back to Moses,’ he says, ‘but doing the same as those who rebelled against Moses.’

Then he says encourage one another.

It isn’t the preacher’s job to do the encouraging, but ours. We are to encourage one another. I have been through some black times. I have struggled with my faith at times, who doesn’t. But God has sent someone with words to encourage me along the way. Do not hold back, encourage someone today. It could save them.

40 Blogs of Lent day 14

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