Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad – (Contains Spoilers)

Walter White
I have got my life back. After watching the entire five seasons in three months, I now understand what all the fuss was about. That was a really good TV series.

The story is about a schoolteacher who is diagnosed with terminal cancer. Unable to pay for expensive treatment he concocts a plan to pay for his treatment, to become a crystal meth cook, not only that, but using his knowledge of science to become the best crystal meth cook.


It was a weird feeling watching this. I was alerted to the program because I looked like actor Bryan Cranston who player White, bald headed and with a beard the colour mine was before it went grey. Or rather Cranston looked like me, I looked like this before they made Breaking Bad. From some angles it was like watching myself on TV, the likeness was so uncanny.

The story of Breaking Bad is the story of the ultimate middle age crisis. White starts off as a very good man who slowly becomes more evil as the story progresses. In the end he become as bad, if not worse, than the other drug lords. It is a slow decline.

It is also the story about lies. At every stage White has to lie, to invent stories to cover up for what he is doing and trying to protect his family. It does not work. Each lie leads to worse behaviour, and each change in behaviour leads to bigger lies. White’s slip into being a darker character is all his own doing.

I was hoping that there could be some kind of atonement. That White would admit to the truth and turn in the bad guys. But it was not to be. True to the guy he had become White takes the law into his own hands, going not for justice.

Breaking Bad could be seen as a 61 episode Bible study, not that God gets much of a mention, but because it illustrates better than anything I have seen what the Apostle Paul said: “people… fall into temptation and a trap and into many foolish and harmful desires that plunge men into ruin and destruction.” (1 Timothy 6:9). Breaking Bad could be a commentary on that verse.

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