My last blog mentioned the lies of Walter White in the TV shoe Breaking Bad. Lies seem so exciting, more glamorous than truth.

Truth is what sets us free.  So as Christians we have to be truthful. Yet there have been fiction masquerading as fact going for a long time.

eye-of-the-needleTake the sermon illustration of the needle gate. This story of a small gate in the walls of Jerusalem that a camel could only get through if unloaded has been passed from preacher to preacher from the 9th century. And it is fake. There is no evidence that there was ever such a gate. The Guardian newspaper had a discussion on this: Note that the early answers show the gate to be fact, so widely has the urban legend been spread.

Now Christianity Today is exposing new urban legends, the stories of American pastors being jailed for refusing to marry same sex couples. Just days after a ruling these stories were being spread by social media. Yet there had not been time for these prosecutions, if they exist, to have gone through the process. People are trying to advance their agenda by inventing lies. Others, shocked by what they read, are retweeting and sharing the Facebook statuses.

There is a fascination with the shocking which leads us to forward things. we naively pass things on as true without checking because we want it to be true, mistaking political posturing, which is all about power and position, with the Gospel of Christ, which is about humility and weakness.

There’s nothing wrong with opinion. This blog is my opinion and can be disagreed with, that’s what the comments box is for, but please do not confuse opinion with fact.

It doe not take long to check something before you click “share,”

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