Tory Blair.

Blair_Bush_Whitehouse_(2004-11-12)Former Prime Minister Tony Blair has waded into the Labour leadership election by warning against Labour moving to the left. Story here.

I believe he is wrong.

Wrong because what I am hearing from disenchanted voters, some of whom did not vote, and some that did, is that there is no choice. All the parties are the same. What is needed is viable alternative to the Conservative party, not the Tory Lite that Labour became under his leadership.

Wrong because where there was a viable centre left party to vote for not only were the real Tories wiped out in the last election, but the Tories in Socialist clothing of Scottish Labour was wiped out as well.

Having no real alternative to the Conservatives will not lead to a Labour victory, it will only lead to greater voter apathy. Only by becoming an alternative to the Tories will the apathy be turned around.

I agree that there should not be a return to mid twentieth century socialism. Blair is right in saying they should not be returning. What we need is a twentyfirst century centre left party. They have one in Scotland. Give the English something to vote for.


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