Rifkind (An open letter)

RifkindFormer Foreign Secretary Malcolm Rifkind has entered the European refugee crisis by, on the eve of a day where it is expected the Prime Minister will announce that Britain will take more refugees, called Turkey a safe place for asylum seekers.


Turkey, the country which has an area to its east has been a conflict zone with the PKK since 1984, a conflict which is ongoing and despite a peace process attempt from 2012 to 2015 has escalated in 2014 and conflict was renewed this year.

Is Mr Rifkind unaware of the confict between the Turkish govermment and its countries Kurds?

A conflict from 1984 to present, which includes 1995 to 1997 when Mr Rifking was Foreign Secretary?

A conflict zone in an area of Turkey that anyone fleeing ISIS in Iraq or Syria would have to pass through. Is he aware of that?

How desperate can people be that they want to not only leave their homes possessions and family member behind then travel through another conflict zone?

Mr Rifkind is being opportunistic, using Turkey as an example after the Syrian boy was pictured dead, washed up on a beach after attempting to escape to Greece.

How desperate can people be to want to escape to Greece? At least they cannot be accused of being economic migrants.

Turkey is believed to have 1.6 million refugees and rising, According to UNHCR last May. That is one for every 44 people in the country which compares to one in 319 for the UK. My Rifkind thinks that Turkey can afford that level of refugees?


For a politician who has held the position of Home Secretary to come out with such garbage which flies in the face of the facts must either be lying deliberately or totally inept.

Which is it Mr Rifkind?

Tell me what you think

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