What’s in your hand?

I have a couple of quotes from Rick Warren, the American pastor who wrote the book “The Purpose Driven Life,” and a few other books with Purpose Driven in the title.

First is this. What’s in your hand?

ACrutch lot of the time what is in my hand is a walking stick or a crutch. Some sort of walking aid to help with arthritic walking. Very short distances I use nothing, such as around the house or at work between desk and printer. Longer distances I use a stick, such as when I am commuting, and for longer distances I use an elbow crutch.

Warren talks about What’s in your hand, in relation to the story of Moses, particularly the version in the film The Ten Commandments. The scene where Moses is standing in front of a burning bush.

God says to Moses, What’s in your hand? Moses answered, It’s my staff. God says, Cast it down. Moses does and it becomes a snake. God says, Pick it up. It becomes a staff again.

Moses was a shepherd. The staff represented who he was. All he had were flocks of sheep. In days before the Stock Exchange all a shepherd had were sheep and some tools to steer them.

In effect God tells Moses to give all he has has. To cast it down. God then tells Moses to take up the staff: For the rest of the film all the miracles that God does are done through the staff.

God works with what we have. Be it the staff of a Middle Eastern shepherd, or Jesus feeding 5,000 men,plus any women and children that were there, with one child’s packed lunch. A few fish sandwiches have never gone so far.

What has this to do with me, someone whose staff is a walking aid?

Could it be that God wishes to heal?

I would like to think so, but I don’t think so, because of the second thing that Warren says.

“When God does a miracle, he is not trying to show off.”

So where do I go from here?

For over nine years I have been writing this blog in one form or another. It started as a diary of my recovery after an accident. That recovery never fully happened, so I am here still looking for the purpose in me being an arthritic who needs aids to walk.

I believe that God can heal. I have blogged before as to how I have witnessed healing in response to prayer. Both long term, in response to long term praying and immediately when hands are later on. I have received this kind of healing myself and occasionally have seen people healed by God as a response to my prayers.

I believe God heals. I am just not a very good advertisement to that.

God knows what he is doing. I have to trust in him no matter what happens.


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