Redemption Song

eodm u2U2 got it right:

Over the last 4 weeks my Twitter and Facebook feeds have included something shared by well meaning Christian friends that at the Paris Bataclan concert where on 13th November terrorists killed 89 and injured 99 others. They shared that the band playing at the venue, the Eagles Of Death Metal, were playing the song, Kiss the Devil at the time.

I have not shared this online. In fact I think it was wrong to share this sort of thing. For the following reasons:

  • Although Eagles of Death Metal [EODM] do have a song called Kiss the Devil, I can find no evidence it was being played at the time of the attack. I think it is wrong as a Christian to share non-corroborated material.
  • One of the fer things I do know about EODM is that they do not actually play the genre Death Metal despite it being in their name. I do not share what I know is untrue.
  • EODM narrowly escaped from the Bataclan and lost at least three of their road crew in the attack. What a great way of showing Christian love to people by sharing things like this.

This last week U2 showed a better way of responding. At their rescheduled second Paris show last Monday, (they were originally booked to play November 14 and 15, the two days immediately following the attacks) they introduced EODM to their stage with the words, “They were robbed of their stage three weeks ago, we would like to offer them ours tonight.” Story here.

In reaching out to EODM, U2 showed the Christian response. Not in attacking EODM for some of their songs, or the language they use on stage – it is definitely Not Fit For Work. U2 redeemed the situation by offering EODM their personal jet after the attack and by offering their stage.

Christians, do not pay attentions to things designed to shock, as would Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells. There is a word for the devil, and that word is defeated.

In JRR Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, Saruman is defeated in the second book, The Two Towers, but in the final book, after the battle has been fought and the Ring of Power destroyed, the Hobbits return to their home to find that Saruman is there and has beguiled people with his voice. He has no power, but still influences people.

It is the same with Satan. He has been defeated by Jesus on the cross, God’s self sacrificial act of love. He has no power, but sill influences people. Evil has been defeated by love. We overcome evil by showing love.

U2 have shown love. The song they played together with EODM, Patti Smith’s People have the Power, is no mistake. The lyrics include these lines:

And the people have the power
To redeem the work of fools.

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