Sorry, Nick

I have been disappointed with the Liberal Democrats in coalition.

Nick Clegg as leader did not look assertive enough. Whenever there was some bad news to deliver from the government Prime Minister David Cameron was on holiday, so Deputy Prime Minister Clegg had to deliver the bad news. Cameron, aka Teflon Dave, managed to get the Liberal Democrats to take the blame.

Why I did not support Clegg is that the government policy seemed like what I would have expected from a Conservative government. I could not see how being in coalition had taken the edge off the Conservative policies, as I hoped it would have done. I could not see that the Conservatives had compromised.

Neither, it seems, could other Liberal Democrat voters. The Liberal Democrat vote was decimated. The party ditched Clegg as leader, and the Conservatives, with very little increase in the vote, went from being a minority party to having a majority of seats in parliament.

And we can now see what this government would have been like, because this is no ordinary Conservative government but an extreme Conservative government, Even Conservative run local councils are complaining about the national government and a prominent MP, cabinet member former Conservative leader has quit over this..

Nick-CleggI was wrong. I had no idea that one of the major major parties could be as uncompromising as this. Taking money from those on benefts, and the disabled, the most needy in society in order to benefit the rich is not something I cannot tolerate. This seems to be the only financial idea that this government has.

So I was wrong about the Liberal Democrats in coalition. They did make the Conservative policies tolerable. But the policies were so extreme that even after the moderating achieved by the LDs The policies still looked like Conservative policies.

So as a Liberal Democrat supporter I have to say sorry to the party and to Nick Clegg in particular. You were doing a better job than I could possibly have imagined.


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