Fundamentalism and the Pope

Pope Francis has spoken out against training fundamentalists as priests as they could be hiding psychological problems. Story here.

As someone on the autistic spectrum, therefore seen as having a psychological problem (it is a problem to other people, not me) I may sympathise, but realistically I know that people like me who do not pick up on body language should not be the first person you come to when you want a counsellor. For exactly the same reasons that counselling should not be done through a written medium online.

But back to Francis. I love this Pope. His love and acceptance of people is brilliant. Even though we come from a very different spiritual background, mine being evangelical Anglicanism, I agree with him. It could be that despite our differences that being fairly conservative theologically but tolerant of others we have something in common: We do not believe in putting barriers between people and God.

Both our traditions have their fundamentalists. In fact mine has capital F Fundmentalists, the people from whom fundamentalism got its name. But the Christian faith has to be accepting of others, even for aspies who are not brilliant with people.

So no placards starting with “God hates …” for me, while God may hate the harm done to people God does not hate even the hurters. God’s love is open to all. Jesus does not turn away anyone who comes to him. Ever. Not even the people Fundamentalist oppose.


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