Let’s get personal

It’s all about you.

In the blog “Loads more” I mentioned that the more that God promises in Ephesians chapter 3 is corporate in its scope.  But I did say, “We are promised the presence of God. we are promised the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives both corporately as a church and individually (the individual bit is another blog). This makes it all worth it.”

The individual bit is another blog, I said. So here it is.


There is plenty of things in the Bible that is individual in tone, especially in the Old Testament. God may be the God of Israel, the people, but also The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, individuals.

The psalms too have this mix. It would be expected that songs complied for corporate worship would be corporate in nature, about the relationship between the people and God, and many are. But surprisingly many are individual in tone. The Lord is my shepherd: Individual, don’t you think?

Relating to God one to one is pretty amazing, but we can go too far; some evangelicals play down the corporate aspect too much, just as catholics (small c) play down the individual relationship in favour of God’s relationship with the Church.

Amazingly awesome awesomeness

In the same way that God is able to do things so amazingly awesome in their awesomeness through the Church that I have no vocabulary to express it, he can do some stupendous stuff through you. You have God the Holy Spirit in your life and the Holy Spirit only comes in one size: That size is fullness. The Holy Spirit is God in that mysterious thing we call Trinity, which means, if I have my logic right, that the Christian has the fullness of God living in them. Not a little bit of God, all of him.

God is able to do amazing stuff through you. Be open to God.

Ask God to show you what you have to do … difficult, isn’t it.

It is so easy, in comparison (praying is never easy), to pray for other people and things than it is to pray for ourselves. God, search me and know my heart, says Psalm 139:23. But that is so difficult. Do we want to see ourselves as God sees us? It could mean (shudder) changing.

But God sees your potential, someone who can be used.

I am never short of being baffled when God works through me. There are a lot of other people who are far more talented than me, people who actually have empathy, something I lack.  But occasionally, very occasionally, I have reacted totally against type and been the one used. The more able were not there, I was. God is able to use those who are available. Be available,

I can be hard. Sometimes it seems that God is not listening. Praying becomes almost impossible and God, if he’s there at all, has turned his back. Do not worry, this is something people go through, it is something I am coming out of. Do not believe the detractors who will say you cannot feel God’s presence because you are sinful, this is not necessarily true. God is still there. The Holy Spirit is still in you. Remind yourself of this.

But i’m talking too much about myself for this subject, perhaps in another blog.

Get someone you can pray with. That really helps.

Or try a meditative form of prayer or Bible reading. Lectio Divina is good.



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