God’s will

Your will be done

The Lords Prayer — Part 8

We pray for God’s will to be done. But what exactly is God’s will?

Not just the big picture, but the small problem of what does God want me to do.

But first back to basics. Jesus’ summed up the commandments as love God with all that we are and love others the same way that we love ourselves. hold on to the idea for now …

It starts with God’s instructions to the Israelites as to how they should live. Just ten simple rule, four about how we should relate to God, and six about how we should relate to each other. Even back then it was all about relationship rather than rules:

  1. You will have no other Gods.
  2. You will not make images to represent God,
  3. You shall not use Gods name falsely,
  4. Keep the Sabbath special,
  1. Honour your parents,
  2. Don’t murder,
  3. Don’t commit adultery,
  4. Don’t steal,
  5. Do not bear false witness against anyone else,
  6. Don’t covet other people’s stuff.

Not many commandments then, which leaves a lot of freedom within the rules. But beside ten behaviours there are also attitudes. Jesus said these people are blessed:

  1. the poor in spirit,
  2. those who mourn,
  3. the meek,
  4. those who hunger and thirst after righteousness,
  5. the merciful,
  6. the pure in heart,
  7. the peacemakers,
  8. those who are persecuted because of righteousness,
  9. you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me.

So if you feel the Holy Spirit is leading you to do something, remember that he will never lead you outside Gods will.  It is all about relationship with God and with other people and … remember that idea I asked you to hold on to … it will be acted out of love. God is love and he motivates us to work out of love.

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