The future breaks into the present.

My parents in law used to live in Ripon, North Yorkshire. A family visit to them meant also a visit to Lightwater Valley theme park. Much to our youngest daughters disappointment many of the rides were height restricted, and while her older siblings were allowed to ride the scary rides with me, she was riding the tamer ones. Until the day came when she was, at last, taller than the red line, so it was into the queue at the Ultimate, when built the tallest and longest roller-coaster in the country.

After 30 minutes in the queue, we got to the station, being able to see the track climbing way above the trees. She got apprehensive, so sympathetic dad mode kicked in, reassuring her that it would be OK. I did not tell her that despite having ridden the ride before I too was apprehensive, the fun of roller-coasters being overcoming your fears.

Anticipation is something this time of year is good at. With all the advertisements on TV, radio and the newspapers you cannot miss that it will soon be Christmas. I started writing this blog on Advent Sunday. A time when we not only prepare to celebrate the baby Jesus being born all those years ago, but also Jesus returning at the end of the age, The Jews at that time were waiting for a Messiah who would bring about Gods reign on earth.

Jesus coming to earth brought God’s kingdom to earth, he preached that the kingdom of God is here. It is yet to be fully fulfilled, but it

The future broke into the present.

On Earth as it is in Heaven

The Lord’s Prayer — Part 9

Jesus asked us to pray that God’s kingdom will come. The Kingdom that will come at the end of the age we are asked to pray for now, that the future will break into the present. God’s everlasting kingdom comes as each of us lives by the values of Gods kingdom, showing love and forgiveness to those we meet. By not being people who hold a grudge or retaliate and leave revenge to God, who will come and judge all fairly.

The coming of the kingdom of God is a wonderful thing for those who love God, but a terrible thing to those who do not – if that is you don’t just sit there doing nothing, there is a God who loves you better than the best Father loves his children. Why not enter into that love?

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