Diagnosis doubtful

Diagnosis is not imminent.

The BBC this weekend featured a story that one health authority in England is to restrict diagnosis for autism to  the most severe cases, whatever that means. Who decides the most severe before diagnosis? Isn’t that what diagnosis is about? Story here.

As an adult I have been told, after being strongly suspected of having Asperger’s Syndrome, but have been told there is no out of area funding for a diagnosis. As a ten year old I was sent to a psychologist: In 1964 there was no diagnosis for Asperger’s.

Where there is a diagnosis there is help. I do not want anyone to go through the bullying I went through. Not to have the bewilderment that other people do not understand what you are trying to explain.

Not that a diagnosis would solve all this, but it would open doors to help.

As for me, with only two years to retirement age, I have written my chances of being diagnosed. With so many children waiting it is more important that they get the help.



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