Transfixed — a foxy story

It was one of those why didn’t I get my phone out moments.

Monday, just before lunch we walked up to Lindley duck pond. there are two pairs of mallards each with a clutch of fluffy ducklings, plus some other ducks. Between the ducks and the shore are Canada geese, and sitting on the shore is a fox. A great specimen of a fox sitting waiting.

The fox looks at us. We take no notice and carry on walking slowly. Foxy is now staring intently at us as we get closer. I have never been this close to a wild fox before. The fox gets up, and moves along the lake. the protective line of geese moves with it. There will be no duck dinner for foxy today. Two crows get in the act of coming out of a tree to dive bomb the fox, who gives up and slinks off into the bushes.

Nature ganging up on a predator. It is wonderful.

I was transfixed, and never thought of filming it on my smartphone.

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