Pray (again) for the persecuted church

Three brief things

Holy Trinity Church, Huddersfield, Sunday 8th April 2018

One: Helping autistic people

A very minor niggle, but it is Autism Awareness Month, so I’m putting something in here.

To those involved in leading a church service: Do not be afraid to wait until the people reading the lessons or leading intercessions have returned to their seats. Let’s just have one thing happening at a time. Every little bit helps.

Two: In all things God works for good

Dan, a student, spoke of having a year out from his studies but his placement had not worked out. After reluctantly watching a DVD he had been lent, (he was in no mood for theology) he learned that even in the bad things that happen God is able to work for good. He is now taking the rest of the year in the Christian charity where he was working before he was a student and enjoying it

Three: Persecution in North Korea

Members of the congregation back from Spring Harvest told of a North Korean Christian whose family members had been martyred, had escaped to China, but had ended in a concentration camp. Whilst there she was able to meet with other Christians and start study groups. Another case of God making good out of suffering.

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