Shower jar

Shower jar

Holy Trinity Church, Huddersfield, Sunday 27 May 2018

Only one service at Church today. The 9 am and the 10.45 were both cancelled and there was one service at the compromise time of  10am. This meant an early start for me as I was playing percussion in the part of the service which had contemporary worship.

The reason for for the single service was a visiting speaker, Tearfund, a Christian relief charity our church supports, are celebrating their 50th anniversary, and we were celebrating that. Tearfund’s Alison Saville made the trek over the Pennines to be with us. The actual anniversary will be on Tuesday, but this is the nearest Sunday. I am publishing this blog on the anniversary.

We heard about the history of the charity and of the people it helps. Our speaker said that these people do not have the luxury of plumbed in water that we have, she puts a little money into a jar every time she has a shower, and commended that to us.

So I’ll do the same for you, why not put a little money into a jar when you have a shower and give the money to charity?

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