St Pixels is go (2006)

St Pixels is go.

My old blog can no longer be accessed.

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This blog is from 21 June 2012 and is itself a reblog of an earlier blog from 14 June 2006

St Pixels Media Launch
Churches’ Media Conference
Tuesday 13th June 2006

We are official.

SteveG and Simon, with a little help from myself and Pam, announced St Pixels to the press at the Christian Media Conference, at the Hayes Conference Centre at Swamwick, Derbyshire.

We were mentioned by SteveG as part of his talk in Plenary session 3, “Does size matter?” (which should be available at here, but the link doesn’t work.)

Simon led a masterclass on “Virtual Churches” in which he showed video of the old Church of Fools at work, including the Lord’s prayer’s ascending words in many languages, and people praying to the vending machines in the crypt.

Church of Fools Lord’s Prayer in English.

There was a lot of interest, press releases nearly ran out, and interviews were given to the media. (Mine, for interest to people in the Thames Valley area is with BBC Radio Oxford.)

Expect to find a lot of interest in this site.

One thought on “St Pixels is go (2006)

  1. I remember St Pixels. A great adventure in digital and online church. Pioneering. We didn’t do enough to get a bigger congregation. Do you have the analytics on views etc?

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