Names of God – Part 13

Names of God – Part 13


220px-Damian._The_Ancient_of_DaysThis is the big one, the actual name of God, revealed to Moses. It s represented by the four letters YHWH, the vowels are missing in the Hebrew, no one really knows how it is pronounced.

In English it is usually spelled Yahweh or Jehovah, in many Bibles it is written as Lord (in all capitals or small capitals) which follows the Jewish usage of not saying the actual name of  God as it is considered too Holy to say.

The name means I am or I am who I am, God told Moses to tell the people that I am had sent him. Every time we hear the word Yahweh we are hearing the actual name of God, to the best of our knowledge, based around the words I AM, in the same way that I am called Steven.

The name says a number of things:

  • God has no beginning,, God does not come from anywhere.
  • God will never come to an end.
  • God is absolute reality. There is no reality before him. There is no reality outside of him unless he wills it and makes it.
  • God is utterly independent. He depends on nothing to bring him into being.
  • Everything that is not God depends totally on God.
  • God is constant. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He cannot be improved. He is not becoming anything. He is who he is.
  • God does whatever he pleases and it is always right and always beautiful and always in accord with truth.





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