My old blog balaam.wibsite.com can no longer be accessed.

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This blog is from 25 March 2013

Forty blogs of Lent

Day 35

Holy Trinity Huddersfield, 24th March, 2013

A poor turn out at church today. But then again there was lots of snow, only the main roads were snow free, making driving to church difficult, and pavements full of snow that has been compressed and turned to ice, making walking even harder.

Which was a shame, as our youth leader, Dan, and his wife Anna had their son dedicated today. A shame there weren’t more here.

The hard work I’d done of setting up microphones for the service was unnecessary. The Church was cold and the congregation few, Just over 40 turned up, so we moved into the narthex, and held the service facing south. If anything this improved things, the musicians were closer together, making that all important silent communication easy. Congegational singing was better too, being closer together has a lot to be said for it.

A good service.

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