Misdirection and wandering

Always searching

Calahonda International Baptist Church, Sunday 7 October 2018


We got here, eventually. It should not have been that difficult.

This was my third visit and Linda’s fourth to the Costa del Sol. On the two previous visits we made together we worshipped at Calahonda International Baptist Church, styled as CIBC. The last time they were in their present building. It should not have been that difficult.

But we were arriving from the opposite direction. The first two visits to this Church we had an apartment at Mira Flores, between Fuengirola and Marbella. This time we were at Marbesa, which is also between Fuengirola and Marbella, but this time we were approaching Calahonda from the west rather than the east. Those first two times we flew in early and had time to settle in, this time we came in late, landing at 9.30 local time and had time to but a bit of food so that we could breakfast the next day (this was at 11 pm, the supermarket closed at 2 am.) Then straight to bed. Next morning without knowledge of bus timetables or having time to settle into the area, we set out for the church, but my autism kicked in, and being away from the usual routine and a stranger in a strange land I was getting edgy. It is probably as well that we didn’t make it, Edgy-Steve is not an easy person to get along with. So we chilled with a coffee at a beach restaurant, and I was calm.

The following week we got the bus to Calahonda. My smartphone was not taking data roaming, so internet was only by connecting to wi-fi. All I knew was to look for the “Sitio de Calahonda” sign and head inland. What I was not aware of is that there are two of these signs; we got off the bus at the first, we needed the second. 700 metres down the road. So we walked. and arrived shortly before the service started.

No sermon, just a talk on the meaning of Communion. Then the new minister gave his testimony, he is a former military test pilot who gave up his job because of cancer, from which he has been healed by God. From being very sure of himself, Jesus met him when he was vulnerable, something that has echoes in my life also.

But I am leaving the best til last, the welcome was great.

A smile at the door (and no steps to get in) is always welcome. But we were told that there was a meal after the service and that anyone was welcome to stay for it. We stayed. Even though the number of visitors outnumbered the regular worshippers the food lasted when everybody had taken what they wanted it was gone. Then the new Pastor offered us, guests, who did not drive, a lift to the bus stop.

This is a very welcoming church, I recommend it to anyone holidaying on the Costa del Sol.






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