Revolutions and Resolutions

Happy New Year 2019

2018 is no more.

I am surprised by just how much I have blogged about autism in the In that year I have had the time to reflect and come to terms with being autistic. Well in a way I have, I have blogged quite frequently on this subject and my being autistic has, since the Lent, been making its way into other blogs. Even when not mentioned it is always there in my writing, autistic is what I am and it colours the way I see things as much as my Christian faith does. No autism no authenticity.

I have to say thank you to all the people who have read these scribblings, ramblings and often train-of-thought experiments. When I read back over what I have said it is often not what I was thinking when I began writing. The thought that started me writing a blog may not end up in the blog itself, especially when the blog is a poem.


What shall I be doing in 2019? I am intending to carry on with this blog, to finish the long series on the names of God and to tackle some more of Matthew’s Gospel during Lent and who knows what else. That is what is exciting about a new year, the unknowing about what it will bring. One thing I know it will bring is I will get my state pension so I will be able to do more things. Another thing is my church, Holy Trinity Huddersfield, will be celebrating being open for 200 years. I am looking forward to that. What those things are I have no idea.


Resolutions are a good thing, they make you look at who you are and what you wish to do, but they can also be an attempt to control your environment and resist change. I do not wish to resist change, I micro-manage myself too much as it is. This year I resolve to be less controlling, which is a sort of anti-resolution. The year will have its revolutions, politically, socially and spiritually. May God guide me in all three.

A very happy new year to all.

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