The names of God – Part 40: The light of the world that illuminates the Gentiles

YHWH Ori or YHWH Owr

The names of God – Part 40

God is my light


YHWH is God’s actual name which he revealed to Moses from the burning bush, it implies the personal nature of God.

The second part of the name here is how God relates to us: God is my light, the word my showing that this is personal to the Psalmist who wrote it in Psalm 27:1 and identified as David.

To David God was his protection. In those days, before gas lights, electricity and infrared cameras enemies would attack at night under the cover of darkness.

David said that for him knowing God was his protection, Do you know God?

A later Psalmist said that God’s word was a lamp to his feet and a light to his path. Psalm 119:105. He knew God’s word as showing the way he should walk. Do you know God’s direction in your life?

John’s Gospel shows Jeu s the light of the world and the light that shines in the darkness that darkness has not overcome. Do you know the light of Jesus?

The prophecy of Simeon in Luke’s Gospel says that Jesus is a light to illuminate the Gentiles as well as the glory of Israel. Jesus is for everyone, not just for the Jews, not just for pious people. Everyone. That includes you – do you personally know Jesus?

It is Epiphany on Sunday when we celebrate God’s light being for all and shown in Jesus. This year could you do something to get closer to God? You can make that a late New Year’s resolution if you like, it is never too late to follow God.

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