Goodbye Betty

Ida Betty Hill, 13 July 1937 – 6 January 2019


Yesterday afternoon my Mother-in-law Betty passed away peacefully with family around.

Yesterday started for us with a phone call. Our daughter Anna had phoned Aden Mount care home, where Betty had been looked after and was telling us that we ought to go and be with her. We had been warned about the deteriorating condition on New Year’s Eve; Anna is a nurse and had rung up before her shift started. Linda, my wife phoned around other relatives then left for the care home. I was down for playing percussion at church so played there, rather badly in a couple of the songs compared to my usual standard, before leaving as soon as I could after the service to join others at the care home.

At about 3.40, with Betty’s three children, Linda, Donna and Neil in the room, plus myself and Carol, who Betty and Alan fostered until Carol was 18 and has kept in touch with the family, Betty passed peacefully away.

Goodbye to one of the best people I have ever met.


It has been pointed out to me that the dates in the title were incorrect. They were correct in the final draft, which was checked before publishing but an older draft was published.

I must learn to proofread after as well as before publication of my blog. Sorry to anyone affected by this.

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