Names of God – part 49: Lord


Names of God – part 49:


40 Blogs of Lent: 4


Now we are into stand-alone names for God, without the prefix El or YHWH. The first of these is Adonai, which translates as Lord. No small capitals here this is not a representative of Gid’s actual holy name, this word is one which is used as the slave owner by the slave. It is an ordinary word used for God.

The question I always ask first is how this relates to me as an individual and as a member of God’s people? The name implies sovereignty, there is only one Lord which is God, then it is not me. Neither is it my wife, children, parents or friends. Neither is it the Government of Crown. As a citizen of Great Britain, I have a duty to the government, but God is Lord, and duty to God comes first.

I am a citizen of God’s country, and I put myself under God’s rule. My life is no longer my own to live but God’s. I am happy because God is a caring master, loving those who come to him and put themselves under his rule because this is also under his care. What better place to live but in the care of a loving God?


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